Institute Staff

Ning Yu

Professor of Applied Linguistics and Asian Studies

Co-Director of the Institute

M.A. Central China Normal University; Ph.D. University of Arizona

Email: | Phone: 814-863-0030 | Office: 318 Sparks Building


Ning Yu

Professor Ning Yu’s research focuses on the relationship between language, culture, and cognition, from the theoretic perspective of Cognitive Linguistics. He is the author of two books (The Contemporary Theory of Metaphor: A Perspective from Chinese [John Benjamins, 1998] and The Chinese HEART in a Cognitive Perspective: Culture, Body, and Language [Mouton de Gruyter, 2009]) and a personal collection (From Body to Meaning in Culture: Papers on Cognitive Semantic Studies of Chinese [John Benjamins, 2009]), and a co-editor of two books (Culture, Body, and Language: Conceptualizations of Internal Body Organs across Cultures and Languages [Mouton de Gruyter, 2008] and Embodiment via Body Parts: Studies from Various Languages and Cultures [John Benjamins, 2011]). He is also a co-editor of a book series “Cognitive Linguistic Studies in Cultural Contexts” (John Benjamins). He oversees the Institute's major directions and programs, and coordinates with the partners in Dalian to increase international exchanges between Penn State and China.

Xiaochun Niu

Associate Professor of School of Foreign Languages at Dalian University of Technology

Co-Director of the Confucius Institute at Penn State University

Deputy Director of International Office at Dalian University of Technology, China

Deputy Director of School of International Cultural Exchanges at Dalian University of Technology, China

B.A. Yanbian University, China

Email: | Phone: 814-865-4608 | Office: 203 Old Botany

Xiaochun Niu

Associate Professor Xiaochun Niu’s research focuses on language and culture, intercultural communication and instructional technology. She is author and co-author of articles published in journals (including "Students’ Communicative Competence and Personality," 2009; "The Effect of Communication Competence on Chinese University Students communication Apprehension-from a Cross-cultural Perspective," 2008), editor and co-editor of textbooks (Business English Writing, English for Distance Learning, Oral English, English for Engineering Graduates), winner of CIECE educational courseware design award from the Ministry of Education in China. She is responsible for the language and cultural programs of the Institute, and coordinates collaborations and student exchange programs between Penn State University and Dalian University of Technology.

Chunyuan Di

Lecturer in Chinese

Assistant Director of the Institute

A.A., The Academy of Traditional Chinese Opera (Beijing); B.A., University of Arizona; M.A. Arizona State University

Email: | Phone: 814-867-3419 | Office: 202 Old Botany

Chunyuan Di

Ms. Di organizes or co-organizes many of the Institute's cultural events, including musical and theatrical performances. She also coordinates the Chinese language programs that the Institute is building with the State College Area School District and the Young Scholars school.